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Deals on Wheels―How to Buy, Sell and Care for a Car

 by Gordon Page


"Deals on Wheels:  How To Buy, Sell and Care for a Car", by Gordon Page


Deal with the Pros and Win!


How many of us have shopped for cars and ended up paying the sticker price or accepting the salesman's first offer?  After reading Deals on Wheels, you'll never do it again!


You'll get the lowdown on every trick and strategy the salesman might use to manipulate you into buying too soon or too high, and you'll learn how to outsmart him at his own game.


Deals on Wheels will teach you how to:

     Negotiate the lowest possible price for any car,

       new or used

     Handle salesmen and their tricks

     Close a car deal to your best advantage

      Bargain for the best deal on dealer- or

       bank-sponsored financing

     Use the best trade-in strategies


That's not all.  Deals on Wheels offers advice on these aspects of buying, owning or selling a car:

     Which to buydomestic or import

     The Japanese question

     Leasing and other options

     Getting the best service for you car at the best price

     Maintaining your car's resale value with VIP treatment


Don't leave your house to visit the showroom jungle without first reading Deals on Wheels!




"Book offers strategy for auto-buying game" 

                                                        Detroit News


". . . Will save you 50 times its purchase price" 

                                  Jack Carney, KMOX St. Louis


". . . Highly recommended!"

                                 Bob Mohan, WSB-AM Atlanta


"Advice for timid automobile buyers"

                                                          USA TODAY


". . . Book has valuable information"

                                               The Milwaukee Journal


". . . Cut through the 'automotive jungle' "

                                                     The Christian Courier


". . . Driving a fair bargain"

                                           The Washington Post


"How to outwit that new-car salesman"

                                             Globe International


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